farmers learning from one another in a field

A Taste of Farming: An Online Series for Aspiring and New Farmers

Are you aspiring to farm or just starting out with farming? If so, this series is for you. We designed this “learn as you go” online series so you can get a taste of different farming practices and concepts to help you explore your interests, gain a basic understanding of many different farming topics, avoid common pitfalls, and get to know the Extension professionals in Virginia who are here to assist you. 

From October 2021 to March 2022, Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) agents and Small Farm Outreach Program Associates will be posting short videos (15-20 min) highlighting key information and considerations about different farming practices and concepts on topics they have had years of experience helping aspiring and new farmers navigate.  A week after each video is posted, the VCE professional will offer a live-time Q & A session by Zoom where aspiring and new farmers can ask their questions directly and discuss their needs with the agent.  We will also be sharing a collection of resources to follow-up with afterward.  Check out our schedule below.  Additional dates are forthcoming. Please reach out to Sarah Sharpe at or Katie Trozzo if you have questions.