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Yoga for Farmers

A woman standing in a garden with a rake in front of her doing tree pose.
Photo Credit: Mary Cush

Monday, February 22, 2021 11 am-12 pm EST

Mary Cush, Farmer and Yoga Practitioner

A few simple techniques could help you use your body more efficiently and with less damaging stress on joints. With proper alignment and proprioceptor awareness, farming doesn't mean an achy body at the end of the day. This short session will cover morning rituals that will lubricate all the major joints, breathing techniques to incorporate in daily activities, simple guidelines for proper alignment in sitting, lifting, weeding, hand tool use, and a full body sun salutation that doesn't involve a mat and can be done anywhere and anytime during your day. The session will end with a few suggestions on proper sleeping alignment.

Please consider  having  the following props for  the session: 

  • A long handled tool (ex. rake, hoe)
  • A towel you can roll up
  • Something you carry often on the farm like a cooler, crate, or tub with a little weight in it



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This webinar is part of a winter series of webinars sponsored by the Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition (VBFRC) Program and the Virginia Association for Biological Farmers (VABF). VBFRC is a state-wide and coalition-based program. Virginia Tech/Virginia Cooperative Extension serves as the backbone organization for the Coalition and the VSU Small Farm Outreach Program is the project lead of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Grant that supports the Coalition. For VBFRC program questions, contact the program coordinator, Katie Trozzo at The Virginia Association for Biological Farming is Virginia’s primary organization for farmers, gardeners, and farm supporters promoting the future of organic and biological crop production. For more information, visit or email the administrator at